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 What should you do if you have found termites in your home ?

1. If you find termites "DO NOT DISTURB THEM"

2. Don't panic

3. Call Us 0410755983.

Check the risk of a termite attack on your home!!

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Termite Lifecyle

Large numbers of winged male and female termites are released from the colony on warm humid nights.  These are called Alates.  While you may see hundreds of these flying around, only a small number survive the flight.  These then drop their wings, find a mate, and if they can find a suitable location start a new colony.


The queens abdomen grows to many times its original size and she then becomes an egg laying machine, laying up to 100 eggs a day.  The queen is confined to her royal chamber and is tended to and fed by the workers and regularly fertilized by the king.

The eggs are removed from the royal chamber and transferred to a nursery by the workers.  Here the eggs and nymphs develop into other castes that the colony requires for development and survival.

Soldiers and Workers
Soldiers and workers are blind and sterile termites.  They carry out all of the work for the colony and are responsible for gathering all food.  In most termite species, the heads of the soldiers are uniquely armoured and equipped to allow them to defend the colony against attack, often by ants.