General Pest Treatment

Effective Pest Treatment requires the technician to have the correct equipment, up to date training and the ability to identify risks. These skills and equipment allow them to inspect, propose a management strategy and perform effective treatment of your pest problem.

These treatment programs may include:

  1. Baits

These products are mainly used for rodent and cockroach management however companies are now developing baits for other types of pests. The main benefit of baits is that they are target specific which means they do not affect other animals or insects in the environment.

  1. Gels

The latest and safest thing in cockroach control - tasty gel that cockroaches can't ignore, but you can. No smell, no need to move out and best of all, no cockroaches!

  1. Trapping

Whenever possible, pests will be trapped and released back into their proper environment, or humanely disposed.

  1. Monitors 
  1. Pest / insect detectors and / or monitors

Pheromones attract insects to detectors so the extent and type of infestation can be assessed. This minimises chemical use by allowing very specific treatment with the bonus of minimum disruption.

  1. Pest exclusion

Keeping pests out in the first place is the very best solution. Extensive knowledge of the habits of different pests allows usual entry points to be blocked.

  1. liquid spray

Pests like fleas & spiders are best controlled with fine mist sprays using Synthetic Pyrethroids, which are similar to naturally occurring pyrethrum from daisies. Sprayed into common breeding areas, these advanced, low odour formulations don't even stain.