Birds often nest in and around buildings, causing major health problems, destruction to the property and overall discomfort to the occupants. Problems that may arise include:

  • Defecation in and around property
  • Deterioration of external areas
  • Infestation of bird lice
  • Nesting may attract rodents & other pests
  • Noise and general disturbance


Mending holes and entry points used by birds to enter a dwelling. If nesting material is found, this will be removed and the area will be sprayed for the control of bird lice.


Using commercial strength bird netting to prevent birds entering open spaces.


A pro-active technique used to deter birds from landing. A seemingly taut wire retracts when the bird attempts to land on it.

Bird Shock

Solar-charged wires are attached to window sills and ledges to prevent birds from roosting. It acts as a deterrent by giving the birds a small ‘electric shock’ when they attempt to land.

Bird Spikes

Used to deter birds from roosting on guttering, ledges, window sills, and other external areas by preventing them from being able to land.

Repellent Gel

Used to deter birds from landing in areas where spiking and bird shock is not feasible or visually suitable. This gel causes a discomfort to birds when they attempt to roost on items such as garden statues, fountains, handrails, and other miscellaneous areas.


Our technicians are fully qualified and insured, with all work conducted according to Work Safety regulations. All technicians are equipped with professional safety gear and tools.



Why are Birds a Problem for Home & Business?

Birds may gain access through broken tiles & damaged ridge capping. This is usually a seasonal occurrence when birds are about to lay eggs.

Bird droppings may deface buildings & footpaths, rendering surfaces slippery and causing work safety issues. They may also contaminate stored food products (eg. salmonella).

Bird droppings cause fungal diseases such as Histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and aspergillosis. The spores from these may be inhaled by those nearby, causing symptoms similar to those of influenza.

Nesting in guttering & down-piping often causes water overflow and moisture problems in walls. Their faeces may also cause corrosion in some types of metal guttering.

Birds become pests on aerodromes because of the large areas. They are a problem to propeller-driven aircraft, but a great hazard to jet aircraft, where they can be sucked into the jet engines on take-off & landing.